Being Broke Isn't Cute

Keep squeezing the system with $SOFTGUY

Being Broke Isn't Cute

Keep squeezing the system with $SOFTGUY

The Epic Tale of $SoftGuy: Wall Street Hero to Meme Legend

Meet $SoftGuy, an average Joe until his buddy's tip to invest in GameStop turned him into a Wall Street legend overnight. As fame and fortune followed, so did a horde of female admirers, all vying for a piece of his success.

But $SoftGuy was over the gold-digging games. With a mischievous spark, he launched the Drizzle Drizzle Movement, teaching men to expect dinners, gifts, and respect from their dates, flipping dating norms on their head.

Join the Drizzle Drizzle Movement with $SoftGuy, where we’re not just changing the game of finance, but the game of life, one hilarious meme at a time.


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How To Buy

Step 1

Get a Wallet

Before you can purchase SoftGuy and SoftGirl tokens, you'll need a compatible cryptocurrency wallet. Popular options include phantom and solflare.

Step 2

Purchase Crypto - currency

If you don't already own cryptocurrency, you'll need to purchase some to exchange for SoftGuy and SoftGirl tokens. You can buy cryptocurrency using fiat currency on platforms like Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken.

Step 3

Connect Your Wallet to an Exchange

Once you have cryptocurrency in your wallet, connect it to a supported exchange where SoftGuy and SoftGirl tokens are listed. Some exchanges where you can find these tokens include Raydium, and Jupiter.

Step 4

Place Your Order

Navigate to the trading pair for SoftGuy and SoftGirl tokens on the exchange platform. Specify the amount of cryptocurrency you want to exchange for tokens and place your order.

Step 5

Confirm Your Transaction

Review the details of your transaction carefully, including the amount of tokens you're purchasing and any associated fees. Once you're satisfied, confirm the transaction.

Step 6

Receive Your Tokens

After your transaction is confirmed, the SoftGuy and SoftGirl tokens will be deposited into your connected wallet. You can now use them for various purposes as outlined in our roadmap.

Drizzle Drizzle Media

$Softguy wants you to enjoy a few of the stories of his movement. Together we will change relationship expectations everywhere!

Project Roadmap

$SoftGuy and his team are working hard to bring the knowledge of women and money he has acquired to your fingertips. What he shares below is just the beginning ;-)
Phase 1
Authentic Digital Interactions
SoftGuy and SoftGirl tokens enable genuine connections online, fostering empathy and support across platforms.
Phase 2
Dedicated Dating Platform
A dedicated dating platform powered by SoftGuy and SoftGirl tokens offers a safe space for connection, free from societal pressures.
Phase 3
Live Streaming and Community Building
Enhanced user engagement through live events and interactive features strengthens community bonds.
Phase 4
Real-World Integration
SoftGuy and SoftGirl tokens extend beyond digital realms, facilitating charitable donations and real-world transactions for positive impact.